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Caprice Alexis

Naturally Inspiring: #TeamClassyAnn

Welcome to TeamClassyAnn, a unique blog here for you to explore the raw talents of actress, songwriter, dancer, singer, chorographer and all around creative.  TeamClassyAnn has added such color and value to all of our lives; it WOULD BE A CRIME to NOT appreciate the gifts bestowed in this individual. 


Welcome to Classyville

"Where one is free from all limitations"



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What is Classyville?

Classyville: Noun

/ 'kla-sE / ,vil / Vel,

Definition of Classyville

: a place or specified dimension where one's entire entity is free to be self

History and Etymology

-Classyville, created in 1991, established in 2004, independence gained 2010; from

the naming of an even median of all beings, with highest honoring to Queen Classy;

capital Inerrbeing area E= 1/2 mv^2, KE=p2/2m,

population 7

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